Symbol of tradition

Hacienda Calibio

On the estate lands of Hacienda Calibio in Colombia, sugar cane has been harvested continuously for more than two centuries. The crop has a strong cultural presence in the region's heritage with many products being an integral part of the local population's diet.

The sugar cane is milled to derive the juice known as guarapo. This mosto (base) is used to derive the sugars which will ferment and become highly prized alcohol. From the distilled spirits aged in select barrels in Jerez de la Frontera Spain, Ron Hacienda Calibio is born.

The antique homestead in the outskirts of the colonial city of Popayan in Colombia is a symbol of tradition. The two-story hacienda is made with local adobe, cane reeds and stone with a unique style evoking magnificence.

The huge property around the house is decorated with handcrafted tiles leading around a beautiful garden enclosed with stone walls. A simple but reverent chapel has sat next to the main house since 1801.

This elegant mansion has been the scene of several important Colombian historical events. Of greatest importance was the revolutionary era battle of Calibio which took place here in 1814. General Antonio Nariño and his rebel forces defeated General Samano and his Spanish troops who had been occupying the hacienda. In addition, Hacienda Calibio twice provided refuge to the liberator Simon Bolivar, during a political crisis in the days of his early republic, Gran Colombia, and upon his return from Ecuador a year before his death.

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